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Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. R. Timothy Deakon FRSC is an Ironman that keeps detailed data on his performance. He has not had an increase in performance for the last 2 years while maintaining a similar training program.


Dr. Deakon communicated to SuperHuman Strength that he realized a 5% increase in power performance over an eight week program on his 4 hour endurance cycling training while maintaining the same heart rate in the same course/same conditions while using RESTORE to supplement hydration and electrolytes as well as using RESTORE for recovery solutions. He also noticed similar, albeit less dramatic (about 3%), improvements in running performance as gauged by speed and heart rate while doing Yasso's (800m repeats).


RESTORE contains D-ribose plus BCAA which gives greater mitochondrial function and the electrolytes keep acidity at bay. When muscles get acidic, they start to fail. Bicarbonate forms of electrolytes keep the ph balance in check and ribose plus BCAA are well researched ingredients in mitochondrial function (that's the ability of cells to produce energy) which is allowing him to push further because his heart is not working harder. His muscles are experiencing greater energy efficiency. NAC also has been researched to show a positive effect on respiratory efficiency.


In short, RESTORE's combination of ingredients are making his muscles work more efficiently, which is making his heart not work as hard, which is making it possible for him to push his performance. It's kind of like adding a turbo charger to an engine. The car has greater horsepower without burning up more fuel because the engine is operating more efficiently.

SuperHuman Strength! He Had it and Still Going!

Not only do supplements need to be made of high quality ingredients the ingredients need to be highly bioactive and densely packed Superhuman protein and hydration products deliver on all of theses criteria.

Dr. Stephanie Canestraro, Functional Medicine Practitioner

I like both Superhuman Restore and Recovery for improving my on ice performance and reducing my recovery time between games. I believe that they have made a difference since making the switch.

Robby Fabri
NHL Hockey Player, St. Louis Blues

Superhuman protein brought a source of healthy protein with greens and fruits. I finally am able to get the kids to eat well.

Ann Meade
Mom, New Mexico

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All SuperHuman protein and hydration products were carefully formulated by taking a group of professional coaches, naturopaths, master scientists and functional medicine practitioners that work with both athletes and all of us normal people every day. From there, we created what we believe are the finest and most effective formulas available. Whether it is our Elite Pro Series or our Pure Everyday you can be confident that you are getting an effective dose of natural ingredients.

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