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Pure Vegan

SuperHuman's Pure Vegan is a powerful formulation of pure pea protein with a touch of rice combined with turmeric and black pepper extract to help with inflammation and absorption. In addition, this formula whips up very smooth and people are surprised at how this natural formula can taste this good and be this powerful! Excellent for Pre or Post Workout.

shs-icon-quote-begin Amazing product that delivers high quality VEGAN protein and a ton of organic greens and reds (cherry, acai, blueberry, strawberry) No sugar added (low in carbs only 6gms), dairy free, gluten free and NON GMO with an amazing taste! Great for a meal replacement. shs-icon-quote-end
Carmen Shawn, Health & fitness expert
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Pure whey

SuperHuman Pure Whey is one of the finest and most powerful 100% grass-fed hormone and antibiotic free whey Isolate formulations available. The formulation also contains turmeric and black pepper making this a one of a kind pure formula for easy digestibility, and maximum absorption. People tell us they love the taste and love how easy it is on their digestive system.
Excellent Pre or Post Workout.

shs-icon-quote-begin I started using Pure Whey when I looked at the ingredient list. Compared to other protein powders I've tried, Pure Whey is super clean, with only 7 ingredients. Since there's no added sugar, I can feel good about using it daily, even on off training days. When I am on the ice or in the gym, I'm often grabbing for a Pure Whey protein shake in between meals. shs-icon-quote-end
Mark Giordano, NHL
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SuperHuman Nourish is when you need a little more than just protein. Formulated as a vegan protein supplement, it has a pea protein base and a fantastic blend of organic greens and fruits topped off with an enzyme blend and probiotics. People tell us they love this as a morning shake, after a workout, or even to replace a meal.

With a fantastic vanilla taste, this blends up nicely into a shake, or if you're on the run, just with water. Great for Meal Replacement or Post Workout.

shs-icon-quote-begin I have been using the SuperHuman Strength to help recover from workouts and improve my performance in the gym and on the ice. I've been really pleased with the results and I feel good knowing they're clean and safe to use. shs-icon-quote-end
Sean Monahan, NHL
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Elite formulas

We took a naturopath, functional medicine doctor and professional strength coach to formulate our products. We then tested on professional athletes for an entire summer to dial everyting in. Our Elite Sports Specific formulas that are NSF Certified For Sport are utilized by multiple NHL teams, NFL athletes, MLB teams and athletes, basketball, rugby, runners, cyclists, ironmen, triathletes, and more. The ingredients are natural, effective and athletes tell us they actually feel the difference.

SUPERHUMAN RECOVERY has a near perfect 1:1 ratio of 100% grass-fed whey isolate protein and simple and complex carbs, targeted amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins that your body requires after an intense workout or game. Our Recovery formula has been designed with intensity in mind! Hailed as one of the best post workout and game recovery formulas in professional sports.
For Post Workout Recovery.

SUPERHUMAN RESTORE is the natural hydration product athletes have been waiting for. The product has a base of BCAAs and electrolytes, but we took it one step further and added D-Ribose to help your body recover during workout or game. D-Ribose is a natural sugar that is produced by the body and used as an energy source by the body. Highly effective and read the full case study about Restore by clicking here. Pre and During workout.

shs-icon-quote-begin I started using SuperHuman Recovery this season and found it really helpful in reducing muscle soreness and my fatigue post game and workout. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an edge. shs-icon-quote-end
Bo Horvat, NHL
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Protein: Whey Isolate vs Whey Concentrate vs Whey Blend

April 25, 2017 | by Bryan Marshall

Whey Isolate vs Whey Concentrate vs Whey Blend? That’s the question most buyers of protein constantly ask. It’s a question where absorption, amino acid profile, ease of mixing and preference of taste are factors. Funny enough, you don’t start asking these questions until you have solved that you actually want a whey protein as there are so many others such as vegan protein, egg, goat, etc.

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