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  • Portioning Dietary Fats

    Paying close attention to portions and serving sizes can help you in your body transformation endeavors.  On the other hand, getting it wrong can wreak havoc on your efforts, bringing you no closer to your goals. That is why Portioning Dietary Fats is something we should all keep an eye on.    It was during a first year food management course that food portioning was introduced to me.  I always thought I did a pretty good job at eye-balling a cup, or a tablespoon or an ounce, but it was evide...
  • Why Recovery Formulas and Shakes Are Critical Post Workout

    Recovery formulas or shakes are absolutely critical after a workout and you must replenish your body with energy in the form of calories. By doing so your body increases protein synthesis, while decreasing protein breakdown and replenishes glycogen. Where those calories come from is also important, that’s why a recovery protein shake is often the easiest and most convenient way to get the nutrients you need.   Post workout nutrition in the form of recovery formulas and shakes is based on t...