Apple Market SuperHuman Vegan Protein

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Nourish is a combination of vegan protein and organic greens and fruits. A perfect combination to keep you moving all day, everyday and especially for people who don't have time to eat. This product is used by everyone from Moms, Dads, kids, health conscious people, professional teams and athletes. Nourish is the answer for a busy, but health conscious world!

  • - 31 Grams of Vegan Protein
  • - Organic Greens and Fruits
  • - Vegan Probiotic
  • - 70% of Daily Iron
  • - Non GMO, No Added Sugar, Gluten-Free
  • - Digestive Friendly

Apple Market
2281 Camilla Rd
Mississauga, ON

Apple Market Greens and Fruits SuperHuman Protein

I heard about this product being great, but wasn't sure whether or not I was going to actually like it because it's vegan. Pretty shocked at how good it tastes especially since there are all those greens in there. I use it for a morning shake and sometimes I replace lunch with it. Having great results with this in both overall energy and a feeling of just more push throughout the day. Wife likes it too! Great product all around.

Tim Fanning  

I ordered this for my son who plays junior hockey and has an allergy to dairy. We have been very pleased with the high quality of ingredients and its effectiveness. We will continue to order this product and look forward to trying more products SuperHuman Strength offers.


I heard about this product and started using it in the morning with just water as I don't really have a lot of time. I found that I feel much better overall and it seems to do a pretty good job powering me through the day. My wife then started using it, and since it's natural and safe for kids, we started giving a little bit to our kids( about 1/6 of a scoop). They even liked it, and we're pretty happy they are getting some greens in them as well as a bit of protein. Really good product and especially great if you're on the go.

Pete Clintock

I work in a corporate office and never get a chance to have a good lunch. I found myself going out for fast food and because of this, I was quite overweight. I started substituing lunch with about 3/4 of a scoop of Nourish and found it to hold me over until I got hime for dinner and made me feel great. I lost a considerable amount of weight as well, and this is the only thing that I changed. This worked great!

Phyllis Dewyer

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