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Where do you ship to? +

That's easy. Everywhere. We ship for free in Canada (over $130 CND) and the United States (over $120 USD). Everywhere else we charge as little shipping as possible, but still need to charge for it.

Have your products been approved by a government body? +

Yes! All of our products go through the Health Canada requirements for a food label, which we can tell you, is no picnic. They have a very stringent set of rules. For our Elite Sports Series, we have gone through the NPN process in Canada which is to acquire a natural health number. This is heavily regulated and one of the most stringent regulatory procedures in the world. Then we went one step further with our NSF Certification. This is to guarantee that what we say on the label is exactly what is in the container.

Is this product safe for children? +

Here is what we can tell you. The products are all natural and we used the finest ingredients. We know what is in these products and as such, regularly give these products to our own children, both the Pure NZ Whey and the Pure Vegan products (they love all of them).

Is there a special discount for teams? +

Yes, we truly enjoy working with teams and we have a great program to provide a special discount for teams. Please feel free to give us a call at 1888-927-8737 and we will put together a package that suits your team's needs and your budget.