"We believe that everyone has a SuperHuman. It's up to you to Unlock It!"

We are not muscle heads but we've done a whole lot of working out.
We are not professional athletes though some of us have been in the past.
We are not connected to any of the big food or Pharma companies. No thank you.

We are a bunch of healthy like minded individuals that care about our bodies.
We are absolutely fanatical about coming up with natural, effective products.
We are consumed with helping people unlock their SuperHuman.

SuperHuman was spawned by a professional NHL strength coach, an entrepreneur and a very soulful finance guy. Our mission is to provide products that we want to use and wouldn't mind giving to our children. We believe that we can help everyone unlock their SuperHuman across the world


Bryan Marshall

Strength Coach & fitness master, he has worked closely with amateur and professional athletes, from the NHL, NFL, CFL, as well as the CIS. Bryan is an 8 time Ontario provincial weightlifting champion and still holds records in his weight class. Bryan's experience has been instrumental in formulating some of the most effective natural products around.

Dominic Mazzone

Serial entrepreneur, Dominic has been involved in business since he was 16. He has been featured in Bloomberg, CBC, Profit Magazine, Toronto Star, Chicago Tribune, and is an author and international educator. Dominic has been the driving force behind SuperHuman and has assured that our products are right not only for athletes, but also everyday people.

Finance Guy

Thomas has been involved in the venture capital and private equity space for the last 15 years. With his vast experience, he makes sure that we are able to provide our customers the highest quality ingredients in all of our products at a price point that makes sense.